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The Maintenance Of Color Sorter In Spring And Basic Troubleshooting


Color sorter is widely used in the market. Pay attention to maintenance when using the color sorter to process  in the spring. The editor will explain what we should do.

1. The air humidity is gradually increasing in spring. Pay attention to the drainage of the air compressor and the inspection of the filter element. Drain every two hours during production, and the frequency of drainage can be appropriately increased on rainy day ! 

2. With the increase of storage time, the dryness of peanuts gets better and better, and it is easy to break! Adding rubber pads to soft landing cushions where materials may collide can effectively reduce the damage rate and improve the working effect and efficiency of the color sorter.

3. Feeling that the color sorting effect of the color sorter is gradually getting worse! You can check the impurities ratio  of the materials and adjust the parameters in time! Check and clean the glass of the sorting box. If there are stains and dust, please clean up in time. Check the deashing cylinder to see whether the dust is cleaned effectively and whether the brush  should  be replaced!

4. The color sorting effect is unstable, check the impurities ratio of the materials, and adjust the parameters and output appropriately . For materials with high impurities ratio, it is necessary to improve the detection sensitivity, and adjust the value of vibration appropriately, and reduce the output!

5. Inspect automatically  the spray valve regularly to check whether the pressure of the pressure regulator is within a reasonable range. Check the air filter element to ensure the cleanliness of the air entering the color sorter. It has a good effect on the maintenance of the spray valve of the color sorter and the extension of the service life of the color sorter. 

6. The working frequency of the air compressor has been significantly accelerated, which means that the air consumption has increased! It is necessary to check the air path seal immediately to see whether there is any leakage. 

Check the color selection spray valve to see whether there is any problematic spray valve that should  be repaired. Check the impurities ratio of the materials, if the impurities ratio is too high, please reduce the output! Check the filter element of the air compressor, replace the clean filter element, increase the air storage tank or replace the air compressor!

7. There are too many peanut coats, which will affect the color selection effect. Install a vacuum fan or install a fan on the feeding hopper to blow off the peanut coats!

8. The splashing materials will affect the color selection effect ! Clean up the possible dust agglomeration or possible damage in the slide trough in time, and check whether there is any foreign matter blocking the feeder!