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What The Rice Color Sorter Can Select


With the increase in population, the demand for food is also rising, leading to an increase in food production, so there will be more or less food of  bad quality in the large amount of food. Will  we  sort  only by manual  labor ?The editor believes that the producer will not adopt it  in this way . Then the rice color sorter will play an important role . Now the editor will talk  about what the rice color sorter can do.

  Rice color sorter is very helpful to improve the quality of rice. It can  separate impurities and  other waste  from raw  materials , so as to improve the quality of products and sell them at a high price.

   1. What is the  scope of  application of the rice color sorter?

  Rice color sorter is mainly used in the rice processing industry, whether it is a single processing production such as: fresh rice shop; or  owned small  processing  factory,   sold to supermarkets or  used  to help others to process; even an production line, one process is connected to another process.

   2. What the rice color sorter can select ?

  Rice color sorter is mainly  used  to remove shallow  yellow rice , blackheads, white belly, stones, husk ,Heterochromatic particles  and other impurities  to achieve the effect of optimizing rice, improving rice quality and increasing rice price.

        3. Why  we  use the rice color sorter?

At present, as far as the rice market is concerned, the price war  is no longer mainstream. The quality of rice is the main factor in the market. 90% of domestic rice processors basically use color  sorter. After using the color sorter, the quality of  rice has improved obviously, and the price has also risen.