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The Affect Of product Quality On The Color Sorting Effect Of Color Sorter


There are many factors affecting the effect of color sorter,which contain mainly the debugging, selection and placement of color sorter,as well as internal and external factors such as product quality .Now the editor introduces detailedly how the product quality will affect the sorting effect of color sorter .

1. If there are lots of impurities in the product and the color is not uniform, this will cause more air consumption in the production, which will invisibly increase the air supply and insufficient air pressure . Then we should reduce the detection  sensitivity or production volume  to  maintain  a stable and sufficient air pressure for the normal work of  color sorter.

2. If there are few impurities in the product, but the detection sensitivity is adjusted very low,and the background board is not adjusted properly, which will also lead to the more air  consumption . In this condition, the air pressure will be insufficient ,then we should adjust  the background board to the right slope and height to ensure the normal work of the color sorter.

3. If there are medium impurities in the product ,but large t production volume ,high detection sensitivity and improper position of background board will also result in  more air consumption  and  insufficient air pressure . Then we should  adjust the  detection sensitivity,the  position of background board ,air consumption to the best condition .