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Analysis on the future development trend of color sorter industry in China


The color sorter has experienced the development process from single-sided color sorter to double-sided color sorter, from CMOS sensor to CCD, from analog to digital. The technology is becoming more and more mature, but the color sorter technology has not stagnated, but is developing faster and faster. In the next few years, digital color sorter will develop in two directions. The first is the high-yield color sorter, which further improves the cost performance; the second is the development of coarse cereals, dehydrated vegetables, chemical industry, ore and other fields, with modular configuration of the system.

In order to meet the above development goals, the color sorter industry will gradually make the following major technological breakthroughs on the basis of independent innovation: ① the application of new light source; ② the spray valve with better dynamic performance to improve the output, reduce the take out ratio and adapt to the color selection of more grain products; ③ the comprehensive application of new CCD to further improve the cleaning rate of finished products and adapt to the color selection demand of more miscellaneous grains; ④ The application of high-speed and super large-scale microprocessors can embed more recognition algorithms to improve the practicability of the system; ⑤ the application of hybrid light source.

3 Analysis of the future development trend of China's color sorter industry

Although the color sorter was born in foreign countries, due to our national enterprises' bold exploration and independent innovation, it broke the foreign market monopoly and accelerated the industrialization process of China's grain processing industry. At present, the color sorter industry in China has become a mature industry. With the continuous healthy competition of color sorter manufacturers, China's color sorter technology tends to be perfect, and will compete with its counterparts in the world.

It is estimated that the market price of coarse grain color sorter is about 300000 yuan (at present, the price of similar products abroad is more than 600000 yuan). According to the current market demand of 400 sets / year (at present, the domestic market demand of rice color sorter is more than 4000 sets / year, and the market of coarse grain is bigger than that of rice market, which is only in the initial stage), the annual output value can reach 120 million yuan after reaching the production capacity, and the profit will be increased Tax 60 million yuan; the above is only a conservative forecast. Once the coarse cereals market enters the popularization stage (similar to the rice market at the present stage), and actively explore overseas markets, the new output value will reach several hundred million yuan every year, and the market prospect is very broad.

social results:

(1) To eliminate the heterochromatic grains mixed with coarse cereals, improve the quality of coarse cereals and protect people's health.

(2) Coarse cereals are mostly exported as raw cereals. Increasing the added value of coarse cereals products can promote the development of Coarse Cereals Industry and increase the export volume of coarse cereals in China. At the same time, it is conducive to the adjustment of agricultural institutions and the increase of farmers' income.

(3) We should actively innovate the deep processing technology of China's coarse cereals, develop high-tech equipment for deep processing of coarse cereals, and develop high-tech products with independent intellectual property rights and national brands of Opto mechatronics, so as to form a high-tech industry of Opto mechatronics and drive the synchronous development of relevant industries;

(4) Reduce imports, save foreign exchange, at the same time actively export foreign exchange. At present, China's coarse cereals color sorter mainly depends on foreign imports, about 600000 yuan per set. With the continuous improvement of R & D and production level of coarse grain color sorter in China, the price will drop accordingly, which will reduce and save a lot of foreign exchange to the country every year. In addition, what is more important is that we Chinese people have mastered this technology, which is convenient for the majority of users and enables more coarse grain processing enterprises to use the sorter. At the same time, the company will increase the international market development efforts to earn more foreign exchange for the country.