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Are The Millet Color Sorter And Rice Color Sorter The Same?


 The  application scope  of rice  color sorter :  

 There is no doubt that the rice color sorter could  be used  in  millet sorting. As long as there are color differences in raw materials, the rice color sorter can be used basically  for color selection; it is suitable for  the color selection of all kinds of rice, fried rice, millet, black rice, red rice, parboiled rice , germ rice, brown rice, saponified rice, purple rice, black millet, fried millet, glutinous rice, white belly  rice, Thai long rice, man-made rice, oily rice, grain, etc.; it is also suitable for  multi-grain products. It can be said that one color sorter  could be used in  the sorting  of many kinds of  raw materials

In fact, the working principle of the color sorters is the same, so general  products with color differences can basically achieve color selection, but the only difference is that the program parameters are different. We can use the same machine for color selection of multiple materials. We just  need to adjust the parameters until it matches the  color selection for the materials .

Rice color sorter

The working principle of rice color sorter:

1. The material enters the color sorter  from the upper hopper,  the selected materials fall along the supply distribution trough (sliding  chute) by the vibration of the supply device (vibration feeder vibration),.

2. The materials passe through the upper end of the trough, and speed up along the strough  into the sorting box

3. After entering the sorting box, pass through  the way  between  the CCD of the image processing sensor and the background device, making use of  the function of the light source, the CCD  receives the synthesized light signal from the selected material, so that the system generates an output signal, which is amplified and transmitted to the FPGA +ARM arithmetic processing system and transmitted to the control system

4. The finished product continues to fall into the finished  box through the  finished chamber of the hopper , and we can reach the  goal of high-quality  materials selected.